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How to identify toxic plastic bags 2014-3-18 16:13:29  管理员

  Plastic bags in everyday life is essential, but the market is not standardized bags cause there are a lot of toxic plastic bags , Here's to teach you how to identify toxic plastic bags.
  The first is to see . First observed with the eye color of plastic bags , plastic bags are non-toxic white , transparent or semitransparent rendering , homogeneous, plastic bags and toxic color , even white transparency is relatively poor , turbid texture surface with small particles of plastic bags .
  Second is to listen. Hand shake plastic bags , crisp sound indicates a non-toxic plastic bags, small voice , but boring is toxic plastic bags.
  Once again touch, so that if the hand feels smooth and non-toxic plastic bags , if it is sticky, astringent, waxy feeling is toxic plastic bags.
  Then is heard. Non-toxic plastic bags is no odor , toxic plastic bags with a pungent odor or smells unusual .
  Finally, you can choose into the water test. The plastic bags into the water , according to the bottom with water , wait a moment, surfaced is non-toxic plastic bags, submerged in water is toxic plastic bags.
  In addition you can also choose to combustion, non-toxic plastic bags easily ignited , the tip of the flame is yellow , cyan partial rendering , burning at a time like dripping candle dripping with wax smell , toxic plastic packaging bags are not easy to burn , the tip of the flame is yellow , the bottom of the green.
  The above points is to introduce how to identify toxic plastic bags , at the time of purchase to be carefully selected to avoid buy toxic plastic bags cause harm to the body .


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