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Common types of plastic materials and features 2014-3-18 16:15:33  管理员

  Plastic bags, plastic bags have become an essential item production and life , present bags , PVC bags , composite bags, vacuum bags , PVC bags, plastic film used in a variety of plastic products market is large demand , so production is also very large , in the manufacture of plastic bags, which are generally used plastics plant material selection it? To this end , Shandong Jinan Heng Xiang plastic plant will be introduced everyone .
  First, polyethylene plastic bags , plastic products , the largest amount , the most important material , is currently the world's best materials in contact with food bags , food bags on the market is generally made of this material . Lightweight transparent polyethylene , with the ideal moisture, oxidation , acid, alkali, heat sealing and other advantages, and non-toxic , tasteless , odorless, food packaging hygiene standards.
  Second, PVC / PVC, polyethylene is the world's second largest after the plastic variety, plastic bags, ideal for PVC bags, composite bags , vacuum bag can also be used for books , folders , tickets and other cover packaging and decoration.
  Third , low-density polyethylene plastic packaging and printing industry is the countries largest amount of variety, suitable for blow molding processing into tubular film for food packaging , cosmetic packaging, fiber products and packaging.
  Fourth , high density polyethylene , heat resistant cooking , freezing cold resistance , moisture, air , good barrier properties , not easy to damage, twice the strength of low-density polyethylene , a material commonly used in plastic bags .
  Fifth, biaxially oriented polypropylene film , and its mechanical strength , fold strength, gas density , moisture barrier properties than ordinary plastic film , plastic film transparency due to this excellent print reproduction Houli exceptionally bright and beautiful colors , is a plastic composite important material for flexible packaging .
  Sixth, the shrink film is also a substrate used in plastic bags by hot air or infrared radiation treatment in the course will shrink wrap after the heat treatment to be packaged , maximum contraction during the cooling phase , and long-term preservation.
  These are commonly used material plastic bags, plastic bags , composite bags , vacuum bag and other plastic products , with the development of technology and progress, more environmentally friendly, green and environmentally friendly plastic bags, plastic products and trends will be the direction of future development .


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