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Plastic mold maintenance should start from the following aspects 2014-3-18 16:16:59  管理员

  Plastic mold maintenance should start from the following aspects , with a curriculum vitae for each deputy dies cards, detailed test various properties of the mold , the mold is important to track parts , while focusing on the maintenance of the mold surface .
     1 , each deputy dies should be equipped with biographical cards, detailed records, statistics of its use , care ( lubrication, cleaning, rust ) and damage , which can be found whereby parts, components have been damaged, worn extent size , to provide discovery and problem-solving information materials , as well as the die molding process parameters , materials used in the product , in order to shorten the mold test time and increase productivity.
     2 , mold processing enterprises should be under the injection molding machine, mold normal operating conditions, a variety of performance testing molds and molded plastic parts last dimension measured , to determine the current state of the mold through the information to find out cavity, core cooling system and parting surface damage , such as where , according to information provided plastic parts , you can determine the status of mold damage and repair measures .
     3 , several important parts of the mold to focus on tracking and detection : the top of the role of guide member is to ensure that the opening and closing movement of the mold and the top of the plastic parts , if any part of which stuck due to injury , will lead discontinued, it should be keep mold thimble , lubricating guide post ( to choose the most suitable lubricant ) , and regularly check thimble , guide posts , such as whether the surface deformation and damage , once discovered , to be replaced ; after the completion of a production cycle, you want to die work surface , sports, professional guide member coated anti-rust oil , in particular should pay attention to the elastic strength with rack and pinion bearing parts and springs mold mold protection to ensure that it is always in top working condition ; with production continuous time , the cooling channels easily deposited scale, rust , sludge , etc. , and algae , the cooling channel cross-section becomes smaller , the cooling channel is narrowed greatly reduce the rate of heat exchange between the cooling fluid and the mold , the production costs increase .
     4 , pay attention to the maintenance of the mold surface , it directly affects the surface quality of the product , the focus is to prevent corrosion . Choose one suitable , high-quality , professional anti-rust oil is particularly important. When the mold is complete production tasks , you should take a different approach depending on the injection carefully remove residual injection , available copper rod, copper wire and professional mold cleaners remove residual plastic injection mold and other deposits , and then air-dried . Disable wire , steel bars and other hard objects to clean , so as not to scratch the surface . If rust corrosion caused by injection , to use the grinder polishing and spray on a professional anti-rust oil , and then the mold in a dry , cool, dust-free storage place .
     Plastic mold maintenance work to do , can effectively improve the life of the mold , increase the economic efficiency of enterprises.


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