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What is the melting point of the plastic? 2014-3-18 16:22:31  管理员

  Plastics are organic, are non-crystalline, the melting point is not suitable for the definition, there is no melting point. 

  Its melting point thereof is a solid state transition from the solid (melting) temperature of the liquid. The reverse operation (i.e., from liquid into solid) temperature, called the freezing point. With different boiling points, the influence of the melting point is small to pressure. 

  Crystalline and non-crystalline substances, the crystal has a melting point rather than the melting point of the crystal is not. 

  Because different types of crystals and melting points are different. Generally low melting point of the crystal, the atomic crystal> ionic crystals> metallic crystals> molecular crystals. 

  In another special molecular crystals, such as water, ammonia, etc. because they contain hydrogen bonds between molecules just do not meet "regular changes hydride melting point with the main group elements'' of the law.


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