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Classification of Plastics 2014-3-18 16:26:01  管理员

  Plastic is an important organic synthetic polymer material , is widely used . However, waste plastic to give the " white pollution" has become increasingly serious , if we can understand the detailed classification of plastics , not only to help us use science and plastics, but also conducive to the classification of plastic recycling , and effectively control and reduce the "white pollution . "

  PET [ polyethylene terephthalate (PET ) ] "was 1" PET used to: mineral water bottles, soda bottles.
Use: It can only heat to 70 ℃, easily deformed . Only suitable for the warm drink or cold drink , put hot liquids , or heating is easily deformed , and emit harmful substances. Scientists also found that the 1st plastics used in 10 months , may release carcinogenic DEHP, testicular toxicity .
  Note : Do not drink bottle water recycling equipment . Can not be placed in the car in the sun ; do not install wine, oil substances.
  Therefore beverage bottles used up to lose , do not use as cups, containers used for storage or take other items , in order to avoid health problems caused but worth the candle.

  High -density polyethylene [ HDPE ] "for 2" HDPE used in : cleaning supplies , bath products packaging.
  Use: can be reused after careful cleaning , but these containers are usually good cleaning , cleaning supplies original   residues become breeding ground for bacteria , you should not recycle. Do not use as cups or containers used for storage of other items .
  Note : It is difficult to completely clean cycle is not recommended to use

  Polyvinyl chloride [ PVC ] "for 3" PVC commonly used in : Common raincoat , building materials, plastic film, plastic boxes. Now rarely used in food packaging.
  Use: This material plasticity excellent and inexpensive, it is very common to use . Only heat 81 ℃, prone to harmful substances at high temperatures , even in the manufacturing process will even release toxic . If you enter the body with food may cause cancer, birth defects and other diseases. Currently , this material has less container for food packaging. If you use , do not let it heat . Difficult to clean and easy residues, do not recycle. If you do not buy drinks . Note : Not for use in food packaging

  Low density polyethylene [ LDPE ] " the 4th " LDPE commonly used : plastic wrap, plastic film.
  Use: Heat resistance is not strong, often qualified PE cling film in case the temperature exceeds 110 ℃ melt phenomenon occurs , it will leave some body can not break down the plastic formulation . Fat food is also easy to dissolve out the wrap film harmful substances. Therefore , the food in a microwave oven , first remove the wrapped cling film . Harmful substances at high temperatures , toxic with food into the body, may cause cancer, birth defects and other diseases. Note : use the microwave , do not use plastic wrap food.

  Polypropylene [ PP ] " 5 " PP commonly used : microwave meal .
  Common milk bottles, yogurt bottles, juice bottles, microwave meal . Melting point up to 167 ℃, is the only safe place in microwave plastic boxes can be reused after careful cleaning . Note that some microwave meal , box 5, PP manufacturing, but the lid was to manufacture 1 PE , PE can not withstand high temperatures, it can not be put in the microwave with the box body . Note: When a microwave oven , remove the lid .

  Polystyrene [ PS ] " 6 " PS commonly used in : bowl of instant noodles box , snack .
  Use : Another heat and cold, but not into the microwave oven , so as to avoid high temperature and release of chemicals. And can not be used by loading a strong acid ( such as orange juice ) , strong alkaline substances , because the human body can not break down the polystyrene , are carcinogenic . Therefore, you should try to avoid packaged snack foods hot . Note : Do not use a microwave to cook instant noodles bowl .

  [ PC ] other classes "for 7" PC commonly used in other classes : water bottles, cups , bottles .
Material used in department stores such as gifts . It is easy to release toxic substances bisphenol A, harmful. Do not use heat , do the brunt of the sun.

  [Note] The above is the most toxic numbers 3,6 and 7 . If these three figures appear on the beverage bottle , do not drink these beverages .


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