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Advantages of plastics 2014-3-24 11:24:58  管理员

 1 , good processing characteristics
   Plastics can be processed into a variety of shapes using the requirements of the product , and the process is simple , appropriate use of mechanized mass production.
   2 , light
   Between the density of the plastic 0.8-2.2g/cm3, generally only 1/3-1/4 of steel , aluminum, 1 / 2, 1 / 3 of concrete, wood and similar. For decoration engineering , construction can reduce the strength and reduce the weight of the building.
   3 , is larger than the intensity
   Much higher than the strength of plastic concrete , close to or above the steel, belongs to a lightweight, high strength material.
   4, the thermal conductivity
   Thermal conductivity of plastic is very small, about the metal 1/500-1/600 . The thermal conductivity of the foam only 0.02-0.046W/mK, metal about 1/1500 , 1/40 of the concrete , common clay 1 / 20 , is the ideal insulation.
   5 , good chemical stability
   Plastics in general acid, alkali , salt and fat have better corrosion resistance than metal materials and some of the inorganic material is much better . Particularly suitable for chemical doors and windows , floors, walls and so on.
   6 , good electrical insulation
   General plastics are poor conductors of electricity , electrical insulation can be comparable with ceramics, rubber.
   7 , performance and good design
   By changing the formulation , processing, construction materials made with a variety of special properties . Such as high-strength carbon fiber composite materials, insulation, thermal insulation composite sheet , sealing materials, waterproof materials.
   8 , rich decorative
   The products can be made transparent plastic can also be made into a variety of products, colors , and beautiful color, durable , but also with advanced printing , embossing, hot stamping and electroplating technology made with a variety of patterns , flowers and three-dimensional surface , a metallic products.
    9 , is conducive to building industrialization
    Many buildings plastics or accessories are available in factory production, and on-site assembly , can greatly improve the efficiency of construction.


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